Date: 12th May 2001

Julia Roberts: Life Is Worthless Without Men

JULIA ROBERTS is so dependent on men, she insists having a good life is worthless without a guy to share it with.

MEXICAN, the (2001) star seems to have finally found happiness with BENJAMIN BRATT, after a string of failed high-profile relationships with KIEFER SUTHERLAND, JASON PATRIC, MATTHEW PERRY, DANIEL DAY LEWIS, DYLAN McDERMOTT and LYLE LOVETT.

The stunning actress says everytime a relationship ended she was left "completely devastated". She says, "There were moments when I questioned the meaning of life. What is the point of a fantastic job or an exciting life when there is no one there to share it with. " (ES/WNWCAN/MCM)

Source: WENN



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