Date: 26th August 2001

Julia Roberts Humiliating Calls To Lover's Wife

Heartbreaking Hollywood star JULIA ROBERTS humiliated the wife of her latest lover with a "jokey" phone call. OSCAR-winner Julia rang the home of cameraman DANNY MODER - but when his unsuspecting wife VERA picked up the phone, Julia refused to show any pity.

The PRETTY WOMAN (1990) actress told Vera, "I think your husband is yummy - may I borrow him?" Vera, believing the newly-single star was joking, replied, "As long as you return him like you found him. " Julia then cracked back, "I'll give him a wash and brush up first. "

Danny, the 32-year-old son of film producer MIke MODER, later devastated Vera by admitting he and Julia were lovers. And tearful Vera said the phone call had made her feel like a fool. Julia, 33, and Danny met last year (00) on the set of MEXICAN, The (2001) - and earlier this year (01) Julia got Danny a job on the film GRAND CHAMPION, which she helped finance.

Now Vera's cousin LUDMILLA STEINBERG says Julia was "acting like an innocent sweet thing" while wrecking the Moders' marriage. She says, "Vera did not think it was unusual for Julia to ring Danny because they were working on the film. Vera feels foolish because she felt proud that Julia found Danny so nice. The marriage is over and Julia is to blame. " (MCM/WNSNE/KW)

Source: WENN



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