Date: 25th January 2002

Bratt's Ready For Fatherhood

Movie hunk BENJAMIN BRATT is desperate to become a dad - and he thinks new girlfriend Talisa Soto could be the perfect mum. The actor, 38, who was previously engaged to JULIA ROBERTS, admits his biological clock is "going boom, boom, boom". And his Piņero (2001) co-star Soto, a former Bond girl, could be the lucky mum.

Bratt says, "I'm certainly a daddy in training and they say practice makes perfect. I'm ready yesterday. I come from a very large family and I take comfort from that kind of surrounding. It seems natural for me to have one myself. I see myself with my young warrior son on my shoulder. I can't wait for that feeling. "

Bratt's romance with Soto blossomed as they nursed each other through difficult break-ups, and he says it's wonderful to be in love with a long-time friend. He explains, "She's the most remarkable woman I've ever had the chance to come across. We've been friends for years and years. Within the industry actors in general tend to keep tabs on each other and in particular with Latino actors we're all aware of what each other is doing. "

"Talisa and I were respectably with other people on the set of the film but through the course of filming our friendship blossomed into something more. She happened to simultaneously be going through the same difficult break-up process that I was and it wasn't until September when we were up at the Montreal Film Festival promoting the film that there was a little bit something else. I was like 'Wow!'. "

Source: WENN