Date: 1st September 2001

Princess Di's Psychic Hears Wedding Bells For Julia

Top English psychic MAURICE AMDUR has shocked Hollywood by revealing JULIA ROBERTS will be wed within the next 18 months.

Amdur, a favourite of PRINCESS DIANA, predicted that CATHERINE ZETA JONES would marry MICHAEL DOUGLAS four years ago, and now he's thrilling Tinseltown with the news that the OSCAR-winning commitment-phobic PRETTY WOMAN (1990) star will settle down within 18 months.

He says, "I never get it wrong. I'm 100 per cent convinced that Julia will be with the person she will marry within 18 months - and be ready to make this commitment."

Roberts recently split from BENJAMIN BRATT and has romanced JASON PATRIC and KIEFER SUTHERLAND. She was once married to country star LYLE LOVETT.

Source: WENN



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