Date: 6th September 2001

The Ugly Truth Behind Julia And Lyle

Scientists have discovered why certain less than attractive male stars such as LYLE LOVETT attract beauties like JULIA ROBERTS. Australian boffins ROB BROOKS, of the UNIVERSITY OF NEW SOUTH WALES, and JOHN ENDLER, of JAMES COOK UNIVERSITY, have offered a message of hope to all facially challenged men with the simple theory that among humans, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Brooks reckons the seemingly obvious solution has always been overlooked because previous studies have only considered what whole populations find attractive on average. "But you don't mate with an average, you mate with an individual," he points out.

Thus explaining the sexual success of celebrities like movie star DANNY DEVITO, he goes on to claim that one reason why women fall for ugly men is that they are subconsciously attracted to guys with different immune system proteins - meaning they'll pass on a healthier mix to their privileged kids. (KW/WNTEX/ES)

Source: WENN