Date: 26th May 2001

Haley Joel Osment Keeps His Mouth Shut

HALEY JOEL OSMENT has learned one major skill from his role alongside BRUCE WILLIS in SIXTH SENSE, the (1999) - how to keep a secret.

The 13-year-old actor has two upcoming movies, EDGES OF THE LORD (2001) and a.I.: Artificial Intelligence (2001). , but is refusing to divulge any details about the latter. He says of Edges of the Lord, "I play a Jewish boy whose parents send him to live in the country, in a Catholic village, to hide from the Nazis, and he pretends to be Catholic. "

The historical events behind the film came as no surprise to Osment. He adds, "I've actually studied World War II. I've read a lot of books, notably the STEPHEN AMBROSE books on the war. It's an important film, because it's based on real stories. I finished it before A. I. "

But the details on A. I. , the STEVEN SPIELBERG movie in which Osment plays a robot, are being kept well under wraps by the young actor. He explains, "I had to keep a secret as well for The Sixth Sense, but this is a lot bigger, because it's the whole story!" (RGS/U/MCM)

Source: WENN



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