Date: 1st July 2001

Haley Joel Osment Gets A Big Head

Child star HALEY JOEL OSMENT is in danger of becoming a bigheaded horror because his handlers are spoiling him to the extreme.

Hollywood sources claim the tell tale signs are already there. One source says, "Haley sometimes behaves like a little monster instead of the cute little boy he portrays in films. "

The 13-year-old star now travels with an entourage that includes his mother THERESA or dad EUGENE, a personal driver, standby nanny, bodyguard, agent and his agent's assistant, who is at his disposal whenever he wants.

During the filming of his latest movie AI, Osment was so fed up with questions about ghosts that cast and crew were expressly forbidden from making any references to "seeing dead people". (SVD/TG/RP)

Source: WENN