Date: 20th June 2001

Haley Joel's Thirteenth Treat

HALEY JOEL OSMENT had an extra special 13th birthday last night (18JUN01) when he met his basketball hero RICK FOX and appeared on JAY LENO's TONIGHT SHOW.

The new teenager was thrilled to hear his appearance on the show tied in with Fox's - one of the stars of the triumphant LOS ANGELES LAKERS, Osment's favourite team.

SIXTH SENSE, the (1999) star admitted turning 13 has been quite a big step: "There's more distance between 12 and 13 than 11 and 12 - you're changing eras. "

Osment admitted he's really looking forward to reaching 16 and getting his driving license. He added, "Any kid who has played his fair share of racing videos looks forward to that - to actually feel real. Our driving records should be so much better these days because we're getting so much practice before we get our hands on the wheel. " (KL/WNV/ES)

Source: WENN