Date: 13th February 2002

Bruce Willis Hot And Bothered Over Kiss And Tell

Hollywood hard man BRUCE WILLIS is fuming over his former masseuse claiming the pair shared an intimate affair. The Sixth Sense, The (1999) star frequently visited Dot Stein, also known as Dr Dot, for body rub-downs in 1999, shortly after he split from Ghost (1990) actress DEMI MOORE.

Stein is now planning to tell-all about Willis and her other celebrity clients, including MICK JAGGER, STING, Aerosmith singer Steve Tyler, Eminem and former Red Hot Chili Pepper Dave Navarro, in Butt Naked And Backstage. Stein says, "I was with him for a week, massaging him every day before anything happened. It took a while, but his charm worked on me. .. We had a very big, intimate affair. "

Stein says the actor was fuming after she published photos of him being massaged on her website and when he heard she was planning to write about him in the book, he was furious. Stein adds, "He called me on my cell phone about three weeks ago and started screaming at me. He told me, Don't even go there. You're going to have a lawsuit on your hands. ' You better get a good lawyer,' and hung up. "

Willis' lawyer Marty Singer maintains Stein is exaggerating her relationship with the star to boost publicity. Singer says, "My understanding is that she was a masseuse and that my client treated her very well. For her to try to promote her book with some fabricated claim is just nonsense. When you read the chapter, it's 180 degrees different. She never says they had sex. "

Source: WENN