Date: 2nd July 2001

A.I In At Number One In USA

Sci-fi blockbuster has shot to number one in the American box- office.

The STEVEN SPIELBERG film, starring SIXTH SENSE, the (1999) child actor HALEY JOEL OSMENT, went to the top of the charts - despite disappointing box-office takings.

The movie - which cost $100 million (71. 5 million) to make - took only $30 million (21. 5 million) in its opening weekend (29JUN-02JUL01), less than half PEARL HARBOR (2001)'s $75 million (53. 5 million).

Other summer blockbusters also fared better. LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER (2001) grabbed another $47. 7 million (34 million), and FAST AND THE FURIOUS, the (2001) made $40 million (28. 5 million) in its first weekend - $2 million (1. 4 million) more than the film cost to make. (IG/WNWCPS/MCM)

Source: WENN



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