Date: 22nd September 2001

King Of 'Haleywood'

Child actor HALEY JOEL OSMENT is being hailed as one of the greatest child actors ever, after conquering Hollywood aged just 13. The A.I.: Artificial Intelligence (2001) star earns almost as much CATHERINE ZETA JONES, and won an OSCAR nomination for the movie SIXTH SENSE, the (1999), at the tender age of 11. But despite the fame, Haley's parents are helping to keep both his feet on the ground.

His dad EUGENE banned him from attending a screening of A. I. which finished past his 9pm bedtime. His only luxuries are his pets. He says, "I have two leopard gecko lizards from Pakistan. My mom wouldn't let me have snakes because they eat live mice. "

School life is pretty normal for Haley. when he isn't having tutoring on set, he goes to a private school. "After the first day everybody understood that I was a normal kid, which is how it should be," he adds. (RM/WNTSU/RP)

Source: WENN