Date: 7th July 2001

A.I Knocked Off Number One Box Office Chart

Fantasy movie a.i.: Artificial Intelligence (2001) has been knocked off the top spot in the American box office charts after just one week. The STEVEN SPIELBERG film is now in third place, with comedy CATS AND DOGS (2001), which took a gross of $9 million (6. 92 million), at number one.

Scary Movie II (2001) came in second, taking $8. 75 million (6. 73 million) in its debut weekend.

a.i.: Artificial Intelligence (2001) starring HALEY JOEL OSMENT and JUDE LAW, took $30 million (21. 5 million) at American cinemas on its first weekend but has failed to live up to expectations since then, taking just $4. 4 million (3. 3 million) this week (begs02JUL01). (RP/WNWCAN/MCM)

Source: WENN



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