Date: 25th January 2001

Brad's Pitted Skin Embarrassment

BRAD PITT and LEONARDO DICAPRIO are just two of the top celebrities being publicly embarrassed with explicit pictures of their horrible skin problems.

These are the snaps the stars don't want you to see - but one man has decided it's time the public know the truth about so called "lookers" like JOHNNY DEPP and ELIZABETH HURLEY.

VAIL REESE, M.D. is a dermatologist and film buff and is insistent that it's time to show the public that even movie stars are not perfect. He's also hoping the site will help many skin complaint sufferers realise their conditions aren't exclusive - even MATT LE BLANC and MARK WAHLBERG have imperfections.

So he's set up a website, WWW.SKINEMA.COM, dedicated to exposing heart-throbs and sex symbols from the movie and music world by posting pictures of them with their acne and rashes in full view. He explains, "As a dermatologist and a film buff, I've found a series of skin conditions featured in movies. All of the films listed are readily available on home video and you may look at movies in a new way."

Elizabeth Hurley, 35, is applauded as being a successful actress despite her lesions. The text continues of her mostly well-covered acne scars, Bravo that a woman with acne scars is super-modelling, and starring and producing films. You go, gal!"

But pop star BRITNEY SPEARS gets a slating with, "
Despite heavy makeup and a winning smile, Spears's inflamed cysts draw our eyes. Like the traffic accident pulled to the side of the freeway of love, we cannot look away. "The deep inflammation that forms under closed pores can be treated by dermatologists who inject low strength anti-inflammatory medicine into the lesion."

LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS star Brad, 37, appears on the site with his "adult acne" clearly on show as does Leonardo, 26, whose whitehead-covered forehead is mercilessly revealed. Reese says to fellow sufferers, "Sometimes it helps just to know you are not alone. So look upon Brad, the film star PEOPLE MAGAZINE called the Sexiest Man Alive. Realise that you have something in common with a world renowned movie star."

Perhaps the most horrific problem belongs to DOORS star VAL KILMER, 41. His elbow is highlighted in a still from HEAT showing an egg-sized growth protruding from his elbow. Reese explains, "This most likely is an enlarged elbow (olecranon) bursa. The bursa is the membrane surrounding the elbow joint which can swell and fill with fluid. If this fluid sack becomes infected, it can require drainage and antibiotics."

The site also highlights MATT LE BLANC and JOHNNY DEPP's painful rashes around the mouth and calls MATT DAMON "the Hollywood poster boy for moles". The caption to the snaps reads, "Both FRIEND in need Matt LeBlanc and Hollywood hooligan Johnny Depp show this common, waxing and waning, acne-like condition. "Though the cause is not entirely clear, stress seems to play a role. Like LeBlanc's stress of getting paid lavish sums to act in a weekly sitcom. "Or Depp's stressful regret after trashing a hotel room, super-model girlfriend in tow. Or that, at any moment, some lurid website will post images of one's rashy face online." (JM/WN/PDD)

Source: WENN



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