Date: 23rd April 2003

Wife Of Hurley's New Lover Speaks Out

The jilted wife of Liz Hurley's new lover last night broke her silence to reveal how she was left devastated after the star stole her husband and wrecked her marriage.
Valentina Pedroni, who has been married to Arun Nayar for seven years, says she blames Hurley for the break-up of her marriage and accuses her of behaving appallingly by dating Nayar even though she knew he was married.

But the 33-year-old Italian still clings to the hope of rescuing her marriage.

"I was kind and sweet to Liz and then she goes and steals my husband. She has no scruples at all and she should have stayed away," she said, speaking through a friend.

"If Liz had any sort of scruples she would have stayed clear because she knew Arun was married, but that didn't stop her. They carried on behind her back."

Valentina returned home to Milan last week following a trip to Bombay, where she shared a home with Indian-born Nayar, prompting speculation that she had made a last-ditch attempt at a reconciliation. But yesterday she asked her closest friend, Italian TV presenter Rosita Celentano, to reveal her side of the story.

Miss Celentano accused Hurley, 36, who has a year-old son with her ex-boyfriend, US film producer Steve Bing, of being a publicity seeker and marriage-wrecker.

Speaking with Valentina's approval she said: "It is all a publicity stunt for Liz to make sure her picture is always in the papers and in the magazines. I'm sure Liz is letting things slip so that she can get more publicity."

Miss Celentano said Valentina suspected her husband was having an affair with Hurley just weeks after she had introduced them at a party at the end of last year at the Nayars' chalet in St Moritz, Switzerland. At the time Valentina and multi-millionaire computer entrepreneur Nayar had agreed a trial separation, but she hoped to rescue the marriage.

Valentina, a stunning former model, noticed how Hurley started behaving differently towards her. But nothing had prepared her for the moment in January when she saw newspaper photos of Hurley at a fashion show in Paris holding hands with her husband.

"Before the pictures came out, Valentina had seen Liz a few times but she was very, very different towards her," said Miss Celentano.

"It was as if there was a tense, strange atmosphere between them. That was how Valentina first had suspicions there was something going on between Arun and Liz.

It all happened when Valentina was back in Milan visiting her parents. Arun was also travelling with work, but he must have been seeing Liz as well."

Miss Celentano added: 'Valentina has been left very upset by what has happened. We met Liz through mutual friends and we were all having afternoon tea. Something about Liz immediately didn't click with me but Valentina said she thought Liz was lovely but now I have been telling her I was right all along.

"Valentina is very private and will never say a bad word about anyone, but she has been left distraught. She would rather none of this had come out, but that has not happened.

Poor Valentina is the one that has been left hurt here. She didn't know anything until the last minute."

Last week, it emerged that Nayar, 37, has filed for divorce and has asked Hurley to marry him.

He proposed while the pair were on a secret holiday in Bombay this month after he had introduced her to his mother, Gunnar.

Hurley is planning another trip to Bombay next month to look for a second home. She has told friends she fell in love with the Indian city and wants to divide her time between London and Bombay.

But, in a remark which is likely to send a warning shot to Hurley, Miss Celentano revealed that despite the affair, Valentina still hopes to save her marriage.

Valentina still has feelings for her husband. She hopes it will not end this way. They have known each other for more than ten years and she still wants to remain friends.

"There have not been any screaming matches and she is still on amicable terms with him. Valentina made a big sacrifice to move to Bombay with Arun when they got married. That's why she still feels for him and she still wants to keep everything as amicable as possible. I know how much she loved him.

Valentina is still in touch with Arun and I think deep down she hopes they can sort this out."

The Daily Telegraph

Source: Press Release