Date: 24th October 2002

Hurley's Ex Receives Apology

British tabloid newspaper 'The Mirror' has printed an apology to Stephen Bing to avoid a lawsuit. The former partner of Elizabeth Hurley had disparaging remarks made about him due to the way that he treated Liz after the model became pregnant.

The paper printed the multi-millionaire's phone number and urged people to phone him up and insult him, the apology read - "We would like to take the opportunity to offer our sincere apologies to Mr. Bing for publishing disparaging untrue statements about him, and for inappropriately urging our readers to telephone Mr. Bing, and to disturb him with derogatory remarks based on our inaccurate reports."

After a paternity test Bing was confirmed as the father to Damien who was born in April. Reports suggest that he makes financial commitments to the child's upbringing.

Source: Press Release