Date: 1st March 2001

Elizabeth Hurley Attacked By Animal Rights Fanatic

An animal rights fanatic ruined sexy actress ELIZABETH HURLEY's white fur coat by throwing red wine over it.

Elizabeth was arriving at the 35th birthday party of TITANIC actor BILLY ZANE when the attack happened outside the SUNSET ROOM nightclub in Los Angeles, California.

The extremist screamed "You murdering bitch" and then threw the wine at the $12,000 (8,000) garment.

Star guests including DENZEL WASHINGTON, MATT LeBLANC and NO DOUBT singer GWEN STEFANI, watched in horror as a shaken Liz fled.

An onlooker says, "Liz was furious. She ran out, looking close to tears. "Everyone was too shocked to try to find the woman attacker, who vanished into the crowd. Liz was so upset she got straight into her car and went home."

Ironically, the actress and ESTEE LAUDER model is renowned for her devotion to animals, and once paid $45,000 (30,000) to help buy an island in Uganda as a refuge for baby chimpanzees rescued from exploitation on Spain's holiday beaches. (KW/WNTSU/PDD)

Source: WENN



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