Date: 13th December 2000

Stunt Accident Shakes Up Le Blanc

FRIENDS star MATT LE BLANC wants to avoid being the hero on movie sets - after watching his stunt double fall through a metal table and puncture a lung.

The actor was speechless as he watched ANDY SMART fall two storeys after a safety line snapped on the set of war movie ALL THE QUEEN'S MEN. Le Blanc says, "He ended up in intensive care. He punctured his lung, bruised his liver and broke all the ribs on one side of his body. "He's okay now but he was hurting pretty bad for a while. When you have broken ribs it hurts to breathe."

And Le Blanc regrets his stunt double wasn't available to take his place for the filming of a rugby scene. The actor adds, "
I got all bashed up and bruised, cuts on my back, my legs and everything." (KL/FH/RGS)

Source: WENN