Date: 9th January 2001

Elizabeth Hurley Is The Sexist Woman In The World

Gorgeous English actress ELIZABETH HURLEY has been voted the Sexiest Woman In The World 2001 by the English edition of GQ magazine.

The magazine featured the 200 "top totty" and 35-year-old Hurley topped a poll that saw her beating off rivals such as model GISELE (No2), singer-actress JENNIFER LOPEZ (No3), skinny supermodel KATE MOSS (No4) and CHARLIE'S ANGELS star CAMERON DIAZ at number 5.

The oldest entrant in the Top 10 was pop queen MADONNA who appears at number 7 while the youngest was pop princess BRITNEY SPEARS. Controversial supermodel SOPHIE DAHL - at the centre of the storm about her nude pose for a perfume company - is reckoned to be the 24th Sexiest Woman, one place above sexy songbird SHANIA TWAIN.

Tennis star ANNA KOURNIKOVA is the top sportswoman at 29 and ALL SAINTS - NICOLE APPLETON, NATALIE APPLETON, MELANIE BLATT and SHAZNAY LEWIS are rated numbers 34, 35, 36 and 37. Ex-GINGER SPICE GERI HALLIWELL appears at 48, above any of her former colleagues and, to add insult to injury, SOPHIE ELLIS-BEXTOR also beats off the SPICE GIRLS who limp in at numbers 172, 173, 174 and 175.

Hit HOME BOX OFFICE TV show SEX IN THE CITY provides the numbers 60,61, 62 and 63 with SARAH JESSICA PARKER, KIM CATTRALL, KRISTIN DAVIS and CYNTHIA NIXON. The oldest entrant in the list is BASIC INSTINCT star SHARON STONE who is 43 on 10 March. (PDD/WN)

Source: WENN



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