Date: 7th February 2001

Penelope Cruz Denies Affair With Tom Cruise

LATEST: Stunning actress PENELOPE CRUZ has angrily hit back at reports she caused the break-up of TOM CRUISE's marriage.

TOP GUN heart-throb Cruise, 38, split with his 34-year-old wife NICOLE KIDMAN on Monday (05FEB01) after 10 years together. They claimed the pressures of work had pushed them apart, but Hollywood is abuzz with claims Cruise had been getting particularly close to Spanish beauty Cruz on the set of their movie VANILLA SKY.

Now Cruz has responded to the claims - and she's not happy. She says, "I did not break up Tom Cruise's marriage. I am not having an affair with Tom Cruise. I am just one of his leading ladies in a film. He is a very nice actor, that's all." (MCM/WNTMA)

Source: WENN



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