Date: 17th November 2000

Patsy And Vanessa Paradis Get Together For Nude Photos

LIAM GALLAGHER's estranged wife PATSY KENSIT is to strip for a photo shoot for the very first time.

The sexy actress will pose nude in Spain next week for celebrated photographer HELMUT NEWTON - along with Hollywood hunk JOHNNY DEPP's model and singer girlfriend VANESSA PARADIS.

The need to prepare for the shoot was Patsy's true reason for missing the MTV awards, according to British tabloid newspaper DAILY STAR - and not her fear of facing Liam's new love ALL SAINTS NICOLE APPLETON as many claimed.

Three-times-wed Kensit has rejected megabuck offers from girlie magazines to bare all in the past. But when Newton approached her, the flattered beauty couldn't refuse, telling a friend, "If you're going to take your clothes off, you might as well do it for Helmut. He is the best photographer in the world. "I'm looking forward to posing nude for him. It's a great honour." The pictures by Newton will be hung in a private gallery in Madrid. Kensit, 32, has already bared her silicone-enhanced breasts in LETHAL WEAPON 2 (89), TIMEBOMB (90), TWENTY-ONE (91), BITTER HARVEST (93), KLEPTOMANIA (93) and ANGELS & INSTINCTS (96).(KW/WNTST/PDD)

Source: WENN



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