Date: 13th December 2000

Nic Cage's Children Problems

Oscar-winning actor NICOLAS CAGE is learning the hard way not to work with children or animals - after his co-star urinated on him in his latest movie.

Cage, who stars in THE FAMILY MAN with TEA LEONI, about a man who discovers the life he could have led if only he'd married, got more from his onscreen children than he bargained for. But director BRETT RATNER says Cage was a consummate professional, not even flinching when the baby created havoc on set.

Ratner says, "The little baby was a lot of trouble, would not stop crying and it was so hard to work with him, but we got through it. "Actually, at one point, he peed on Nic, which wasn't planned but it was wonderful - Nic didn't flinch, he stayed totally in character."

Cage admits he was happy to cope with the incident, which he viewed of being all in a day's work. He says, "
They decided it was a funny laugh that the baby really did that so they kept it in the movie, but that doesn't bother me, that's fine." (LE/WN/RGS)

Source: WENN