Date: 13th June 2001

Anthony Hopkins Prepares To Play Hannibal Lecter Again

Welsh actor ANTHONY HOPKINS has officially begun talks about playing flesh-eating killer HANNIBAL LECTER for a third time.

UNIVERSAL PICTURES is hoping work on RED DRAGON will begin before the end of the year (01).

The prequel will be based on THOMAS HARRIS's novel Red Dragon.

RUSH HOUR (1998) director BRETT RATNER is in talks to direct the film. Hopkins has often said he would be interested in playing the role of Hannibal Lecter again, depending on the script.

Screenwriter TED TALLY, who won an ACADEMY AWARD for his film adaptation of SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, the (1991) has also adapted Red Dragon. In 1986, MICHAEL MANN directed a film from his own adaptation of the novel, titled MANHUNTER (1986), that saw BRIAN COX as Lecter. (RP/WNWCAN/KMW)

Source: WENN



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