Date: 19th April 2011

Nicolas Cage 'returns to work after arrest'

Nicolas Cage has returned to work following his New Orleans arrest.

The Oscar-winning actor - who was detained for domestic abuse, disturbing the peace and public intoxication after allegedly pushing wife Alice Kim - was said to be "extremely professional" when he arrived on the set of 'Medallion' in New Orleans today (18.04.11), and is "ready" to get back to his job.

According to People, Cage was back at work on the set of his latest movie Medallion on Monday.

"He is always extremely professional," a source said. "He is a dedicated actor when he is at work, and I don't think people would hire him so much if he wasn't."

Cage was reportedly seen screaming in the street before his arrest, according to a witness.

He was bailed out of jail by Dog the Bounty Hunter after spending only 8 hours in custody. The A&E star posted Cage's $11,000 release bond on the same day the actor was arrested.

Source: Press Release