Date: 27th May 2001

The Name's Bond, Homeboy Bond

A war is being waged between Hollywood and the Britain on the direction of the next JAMES BOND film - with the Brits terrified Bond is heading for a gangsta rap image.

MGM, which bankrolls the films, wants to introduce a more urban, hip-hop feel to the next Bond flick, with RUSH HOUR (1998) director BRETT RATNER as first choice. But the Brits, including producer BARBARA BROCCOLI and star PIERCE BROSNAN, are horrified by the prospect of Bond becoming another inner city action hero, and are determined to stick with MICHAEL APTED, who directed the last Bond movie WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH, the (1999).

An MGM writer says, "MGM is convinced it can make more money out of Bond by diluting his Britishness and making the movies more American in style. "The decision will have huge consequences for the future. A few films down the line and Bond could become a jiving homeboy. " Veteran Bond director LEWIS GILBERT is appalled, saying, "The whole point about the Bond films is their Britishness, and that's the secret of their success. " (RM/WNSEX/NFA)

Source: WENN