Date: 9th July 2001

Tea Leoni's Second Marriage Attempt Will Succeed

Actress Téa LEONI was so convinced her first marriage would be as successful as her parent's relationship, she felt a failure when it fell apart.

Leoni, who is now happily married to former X FILES actor DAVID DUCHOVNY, decided she was a relationship failure when she divorced from her first husband NEAL TARDIO JR and threw herself into her work instead.

These days the FAMILY MAN, the (2000) star recognizes her problem was that her parent's relationship was so perfect, she found it a tough standard to live up to.

She says, "I've always been aware that my parents have an incredible marriage, I can even remember being jealous of it as a child. They were always doing things together, playing tennis, going running. They thoroughly enjoyed each other's company. They were always holding hands and kissing. "

Now Duchovny and Leoni have made a pact to never give up on their relationship. She adds, "Neither of us is deluded enough to think that every morning we'll wake up in love. We very well may but if we don't, neither of us would panic. " (SVD/LAT/ES)

Source: WENN