Date: 12th April 2011

Nicolas Cage's Rare Superman Comic Found

A 1938 comic featuring Superman's debut that has been recovered in a storage locker in the US appears to be the copy stolen from Nicolas Cage, police say.

A mint-condition copy of Action Comics No. 1 that Cage reported stolen 10 years ago was discovered last month in a San Fernando Valley storage locker, and the Oscar winner can't wait to get it back.

"It is divine providence that the comic was found and I am hopeful that the heirloom will be returned to my family," Cage said in an awesome statement Monday.

Detective Don Hrycyk, of the Los Angeles Police Department's art theft department, said an investigation into the theft and recovery - from a locker in the San Fernando Valley - was in its early stages.

He said a number of false leads had been generated over the years, including a 2002 tip-off that the comic was in a safety deposit box in Tennessee.

When detectives followed the lead, they found a replica of the comic's cover wrapped around a woman's underwear catalogue.

Cage auctioned off a collection of 400 vintage comic books in 2002 for upward of $1.6 million. Meanwhile, a different copy of the debut Superman, which was issued in 1938 with a 10-cent price tag, was sold in March 2010 for a reported $1.5 million.

Source: Press Release