Date: 1st December 2000

Melanie Griffith's New Lease On Life

MELANIE GRIFFITH's recovery from her painkiller addiction is a huge success - if her diary's anything to go by.

The WORKING GIRL star, who admitted herself into the DANIEL FREEMAN RECOVERY CENTRE in Marina Del Ray, California, on November 9 (00), spent just eight days there before returning to her family.

Now the actress, who has vowed to start a campaign highlighting the dangers of prescription drugs, says she's feeling on top of the world, and is well on the way to kicking the addiction.

In the internet diary she's keeping to share her recovery process with her fans, Griffith says, "I feel so incredible! My energy level is awesome. My thoughts are crystal clear and my heart is pumping with powerful clean blood! "What a miracle to be off of all chemicals! The say the Benzodiazepines and the Opiates stay in your system for up to three weeks, so I have two more days to go! Life is beautiful."


Source: WENN