Date: 6th August 2001

Banderas: Angelina Jolie's Lips Are Definitely Real

ANTONIO BANDERAS has stepped out to defend his ORIGINAL SIN (2001) co-star ANGELINA JOLIE's lips - he can confirm they're totally real.

Many movie fans have long questioned whether or not the TOMB RAIDER (2001) star's luscious lips are the product of collagen injections used by many Hollywood stars. But Banderas, who strips for steamy sex scenes with eccentric Jolie is certain her lips are authentically natural.

He explains, "I think they are absolutely real. I've seen pictures of her when she was three or four years old and she had the same lips. I don't think you'd take an operation like that age three years old!"

And Banderas's wife, actress MELANIE GRIFFITH, wouldn't mind if the exterior of her own mouth was as well endowed. She adds, "I wish I had lips like hers. They're great because they're natural." (RGS/WNV/ES)

Source: WENN



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