Date: 2nd June 2001

Melanie Griffiths Keep Hold Of Purse Strings

MELANIE GRIFFITHs persistently shops for bargains - even though she earns millions as a Hollywood actress.

The WORKING GIRL (1988) star, married to ANTONIO BANDERAS, is known to be a skilled bargain hunter who's determined not to let her fortune their fortune be thrown away on overpriced goods.

An onlooker, who saw the actress out shopping in Hollywood recently, says, "First, she stopped at the SPORT CHALET. She looked at some of the more expensive swimsuits, but wasn't thrilled by any of them. Then she found a sale rack and grabbed some sexy bikinis and a few one-piece suits too. "

Griffiths then moved her attentions to a used furniture shop on La Brea Boulevard. The source continues, "Melanie seemed intrigued by some chairs and coffee tables and talked to a salesperson about them. But she didn't buy anything. "After she was done browsing, she hopped in her car and sped home. I guess she couldn't wait to show Antonio the great buys she found!" (RGS/TG/RP)

Source: WENN



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