Date: 13th September 2001

Melanie Griffith Urges Fans To Do Whatever They Can

MELANIE GRIFFITH is urging Americans to pull together in love and strength - to stop violence and bring back peace. The WORKING GIRL (1988) actress has urged fans on her website to do whatever they can because individual contributions really count.

She writes, "It was very surreal to wake up and watch as the World Trade Centre had not one but two planes fly into them. My first tears came in pain for the people in the planes and in the buildings. Then to watch the Pentagon get bombed? Our Nation's capital?

This is so serious and so scary it is much worse than Pearl Harbor. We must band together with love and strength. What can you do as an individual here in America? I know what I'm going to do. I will do anything to stop the fighting, the cruelty, and the insanity of the people who are hurting my children, our children with such violence. I WANT PEACE. "

Source: WENN