Date: 18th February 2001

Animal Cruelty In Antonio's Movie Outrages Melanie

Animal-lover MELANIE GRIFFITH watched in horror as a cow was painfully mistreated during filming of husband ANTONIO BANDERAS's movie THE 13TH WARRIOR.

Griffith was visiting Banderas on the set when she saw a crew member push a cow into the mud, then tie it to a horse to drag it out. The WORKING GIRL star, 43, who was "very upset", was helpless to stop the cruelty as the American Humane Association, the organisation charged with protecting animals in movies, did not take action against the directors and producers.

JOEY PENELLO, a spokesman for the PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS, admits, "That's disturbing to hear. "I'm not surprised Melanie felt shock and sympathy for this animal. Her mother, TIPPI HEDREN, is one of the greatest animal rights activists we have." (LE/TS/PDD)

Source: WENN