Date: 22nd May 2001

Melanie Griffiths' Emotional Tribute To Father

MELANIE GRIFFITHs made an emotional tribute to her late father PETER in Cannes, France - and even managed a bit of humour through her tears.

Griffith's dad Peter lost his battle against cancer last week (14MAY01) with his daughter by his bedside at a private Los Angeles hospital.

And the WORKING GIRL (1988) actress decided to sacrifice her privacy to honour her father in front of his peers at the Cannes festival.

Weeping, she spoke to the crowd who had gathered to honour her father saying, "Somehow, someway I know that you're here Dad. And I know that you're a smiling big cowboy and I know that you're up there and you're saying, 'Why are you wearing that dress. '"

After the tribute Griffith added, "I came for him, because he knew about this event and he was really proud. " (SVD/WNV/RP)

Source: WENN