Date: 15th May 2001

Melanie Griffiths Quits Smoking As Father Dies Of Cancer

MELANIE GRIFFITHs is determined to quit smoking - because she's watching her father die of the smoking-related disease emphysema.

Griffith was showing the strain of watching her father deteriorate in hospital at this weekend's (12MAY01) Revlon breast cancer walk in Los Angeles, appearing tearful and withdrawn.

And speaking after the event, the WORKING GIRL (1988) actress admitted that she considers her addiction to tobacco to be even harder to kick than her addiction to VICODIN which she overcame thanks to a stint in rehab earlier this year (01).

But seeing her father PETER literally lose his life in front of her eyes has made her determined to do her absolute best to stop smoking. She says, "My father is dying, and the powerlessness that you feel when someone is sick is just terrible. I don't know if people know how tough it is. " Melanie admits stopping smoking is going to be a real challenge. She admits, "I think it's probably the hardest. But I think after I go in and see my father, I am going to quit. " (SVD/WNWC/PDD)

Source: WENN