Date: 24th October 2000

Brad Pitt Sings On New Album

Movie hunk BRAD PITT is to make his singing debut on a new charity album.

HOLLYWOOD GOES WILD aims to raise money for the LOS ANGELES WILDLIFE WAY STATION animal rescue charity in California.

Other well-known names to appear on the album include RUSSELL CROWE, BRUCE WILLIS, KEANU REEVES, BILLY BOB THORNTON and JOHNNY DEPP. The album has taken two years to put together and will be released in American record shops in February (01).

Executive producer MARK FINE praised JEFF GOLDBLUM, who sang and wrote BORN FREAKY, a "bebop/big bad animal motif tune in the spirit of BORN FREE" which begins with a 30-second beatnik rap. (RGS/WNWCAN)

Source: WENN



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