Date: 8th August 2001

Cats And Dogs Top British Box Office Chart

Action-packed comedy CATS and DOGS (2001) has meowed and barked its way to the top of the British box office chart. The movie dug up a clear victory over RUSH HOUR 2 (2001), which took the second spot making $2. 99 million (2. 3 million) at the weekend (begs11AUG01).

Cats and Dogs (2001), a blend of real action and computer effects about evil-talking cats who try to oust dogs as man's best friend, scooped $4. 81 million (3. 7 million) in Britain and Ireland to debut at number one.

The film is already a smash hit in America, where it has rung up ticket sales approaching $90 million (56 million). Actor JEFF GOLDBLUM stars as a professor who develops an antidote to man's allergies to dogs - but the cats assemble and plot to block his work. (RP/WNWR)

Source: WENN