Date: 1st October 2000

Halle Berry's Jealousy Over Mariah And Eric

HALLE BERRY has issued a stark warning to sexy pop star MARIAH CAREY: "Keep your hands off my fiance." DREAMLOVER singer Carey is shooting her first movie ALL THAT GLITTERS in Toronto with Halle's man ERIC BENET.

But according to America's THE GLOBE magazine, the X-MEN beauty is so paranoid she even flew to the set to keep tabs on her hunky husband-to-be.

A source says, "Halle confronted Mariah. Mariah was really shocked and said she had a man she really loved, so why should she go after Halle's? "Eric said it was crazy. It looked like Halle just pounced on him and Mariah as if they were really guilty of something. Eric told me they're good friends but not lovers."

But another insider claims, "
Eric told me he thinks Mariah's the greatest. He really digs this woman." And it seems the feeling's mutual. The insider continues, "Mariah told several cast members that Eric really turns her on." Friends claim Halle's so insecure about her relationship because Eric's already postponed their wedding twice.


Source: WENN



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