Date: 16th September 2001

Mariah Carey's Shocking Breakdown Details

MARIAH CAREY was convinced she was invisible, took a bath with her clothes on and was thrown into the psychiatric ward against her will as her second mental meltdown this year terrified her friends and family. The BUTTERFLY singer - first hospitalized in July (01) - suffered a second and far more devastating breakdown the last week of August (01) that landed her in a Los Angeles psychiatric ward.

The new hospitalization came after an out-of-control Mariah came totally unglued at an airport screaming that her plane was going to crash. She was also convinced MARILYN MONROE was talking to her through a piano. A friend says, "This time Mariah has suffered a full-scale mental collapse. It's not just booze, it's everything. she needs long term hospitalization - maybe as long as a year."

Friends say she suffers from a Manic-Depressive disorder. And she went off her medication because a psychic told her it was ruining her gorgeous singing voice. "What's more, in her paranoid mind, Mariah believes her ex- husband TOMMY MOTTOLA and longtime pal JENNIFER LOPEZ are trying to sabotage her career. "This time Mariah's condition is far more serious than her first breakdown in New York. Now her entire career is in jeopardy. " (SVD/NE/KMW)

Source: WENN



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