Date: 30th May 2001

Mariah Carey Lets Screenwriter Stalk Her

MARIAH CAREY allowed a screenwriter follow her for two years - in order to make her movie debut in GLITTER (2001) realistic.

The film tells the tale of a singer trying to make it in the music world - a story very similar to Carey's own modest start. But screenwriter KATE LANIER says the film isn't as realistic as Carey's own tale - because people wouldn't find the truth believable.

She says, "Her story, you wouldn't believe it if we made it into a movie. We had to come up with something that was more believable. "

Lanier spent two years shadowing Mariah across the world, from the recording studio to nightclubs. Lanier continues, "She knew she wanted a movie where her character was a singer, but she didn't want it to be sappy. She wanted it to have depth."

" She wanted a street, gritty feeling, an underdog story. " Lanier says she hopes people will be able to understand Carey the superstar better after watching the film. She explains, "A lot of her videos are very stylised, and they don't show the realness of who she is the way her role in this movie will. " (MB/WNWCM/KW)

Source: WENN