Date: 6th August 2001

Mariah: Film Role Is Not Like My Life

Pop star MARIAH CAREY insists that her new film role bears no resemblance to her own life. The 31-year-old plays the role of sad mixed-race singer BILLIE in GLITTER (2001), but despite being a daughter of an Irish mother and an African-American Venezuelan father, Carey is quick to dispel any thoughts that she drew on memories from her past.

She says, "Billie has her issues, and they are different to mine. But sadness is a universal thing and we all understand how it feels. My sensitive point is that I'm a person of mixed race and therefore I've always felt like an outsider. "

One of Mariah's greatest disappointments is that her parents were too busy getting divorced to take any baby photos of her - to her knowledge, only two exist. (ACW/WNBTI/RP)

Source: WENN