Date: 12th August 2001

Booze Tipped Mariiah Carey Over The Edge

Troubled MARIAH CAREY had an emotional breakdown because she had been boozing for days. The NATIONAL ENQUIRER claims the songbird went on a non-stop drink binge before finally collapsing and being rushed to a psychiatric hospital.

A close pal of the singer says, "Mariah's drinking was totally out of control. She drank around the clock, switching from champagne to hard liquor and guzzling anything she could get her hands on. She drank until she passed out. All she wanted to do was drink. "

The friend says Carey's drinking has got out of control, adding, "She's been drinking two bottles of wine a night for much of the last year and in recent months she's increased that amount to drown her pain from her breakup with LUIS MIGUEL." (MB/NE/NFA)

Source: WENN