Date: 22nd September 2001

Mariah Carey Blames Breakdown On Lack Of Care

Troubled singer MARIAH CAREY has pinpointed the main reason for her recent physical and mental breakdowns - she had nobody looking out for her best interests. The BUTTERFLY star, who made her first public appearance at a screening of her new movie GLITTER (2001) in Los Angeles, California, on Thursday (20SEP01), admits that if she had somebody close to her, advising her to take better care of herself, she would not have faced the traumas which plagued her this summer (01).

She explains, "When you're used to working really, really hard, if someone doesn't say 'Look, you're working too hard, you have to take a break and eat' it's not a good thing, because you work yourself into a bad place. "

The sexy singer, 31, has played down questions about the more personal details of her breakdown, stating that America's current volatile situation is of far more importance. She was amongst a host of celebrities to take part in yesterday's (21SEP01) live telethon to raise funds for the victims and families affected by last week's (11SEP01) terrorist attacks on New York's WORLD TRADE CENTER and Washington DC's PENTAGON.

Mariah, who owns a home in Tribeca, New York City - close to where the World Trade Center attack took place, says, "I hope I can just come out and do my part. I'm singing Hero, which is a song a lot of people have said has helped them get through their times and I think we're all doing the best we can. " (RGS/WNV/RP)

Source: WENN