Date: 31st August 2001

Jennifer Lopez's Breakdown

JENNIFER LOPEZ suffered a devastating public collapse when work and her love life became too much for her. According to America's NATIONAL ENQUIRER magazine, the overworked singer and actress broke down outside a Hollywood rehearsal studio recently. And the star's friends fear that if she doesn't slow down, she may be headed for a MARIAH CAREY-style breakdown.

A pal says, "She's become such a big star she hardly has time to catch her breath. She's working 24/7 on business projects - and to top it off she's planning her wedding to CRIS JUDD. It's just too much. "

The pressure finally got to Jennifer when she was rehearsing for her television special. The friend continues, "Jennifer had spent all morning in the recording studio and all afternoon and early evening with Cris at the MILLENNIUM DANCE COMPLEX in North Hollywood trying to rehearse dance steps for the special.

Throughout the session her cell phone kept ringing and interrupting her. Finally she walked outside and just lost it. "
Another big stress is her wedding. She wants everything perfect but dealing with it all is a tremendous strain. She hasn't even had time to shop for her wedding dress yet. " (SVD/NE/KW)

Source: WENN