Date: 17th January 2001

Naked Celebrities Get Big Thumbs Down

LIAM GALLAGHER, MARIAH CAREY, POSH SPICE and GEORGE MICHAEL are all top of the charts - in a survey about celebrities who should cover up.

The poll, conducted by British website ANANOVA, asked the public which stars they least wanted to see in the nude - and provoked some spirited responses.

Respondent THEO MARQUES says of Mariah Carey, "The woman lookslike a human sausage in those trailer-trash outfits of hers. We certainlydon't need to see what she looks like naked." And referring to Liam Gallagher, Michelle Smart reckons, "I have been told he has a bum that could rival an orangutang." (KW/WNWCAN)

Source: WENN