Date: 1st April 2001

Tom Tells Nicole To Give Up Work And Men

TOM CRUISE is considering getting back together with estranged wife NICOLE KIDMAN - but only if she gives up her career and her friends.

The MISSION IMPOSSIBLE (1996) star wants Nicole to be at home full time with their adopted children ISABELLE, eight, and CONNOR, six.

Tom will only consider reconciliation if Nicole is also prepared to give up her male friends, such as GLADIATOR, (2000) hunk RUSSELL CROWE and British actor IAIN GLENN.

Nicole is said to be so devastated by the split that she would be prepared to consider anything. She told a friend last week (ends30MAR01), "I love him and I don't want a divorce."

A worried friend of the actress says, "A lot of us have been trying to persuade her to see sense and refuse his demands but she's not listening. Crowe told her she was mad to even consider getting back with him on those terms. "What's happening now is tearing her apart. She say's herself 'Nobody compares to Tommy.'" (KAB/WNSMI/RP)

Source: WENN



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