Date: 29th May 2012

Nicole Kidman 'Immune' To Emotional Film Premieres

Nicole Kidman has explained her reserved response to the lengthy standing ovation her new film The Paperboy received following its big premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, admitting she's become "immune" to the emotion tied to such events.

Director Lee Daniels and Kidman's co-star Zac Efron were moved to tears by the loud applause which erupted as soon as the end credits rolled, but the Oscar winner raised eyebrows as she remained dry-eyed throughout the 15-minute-long reception.

But that doesn't mean The Hours star doesn't appreciate the positive feedback - she's just learned to keep her emotions in check when it comes to promoting her movie projects.

She tells the Associated Press, "We got an amazing standing ovation, which was great. This is my fifth time (at Cannes), so I've had many, many, many different reactions. That's the longest standing 'O' I've ever gotten at Cannes."

"Lee was crying, but I wasn't crying. I cry at my kids, I cry with my family, I don't really cry outside of that - that's the stuff that brings me to tears! All of this other stuff, the glitter, and those sort of things, I'm more sort of immune to at this stage. It's probably because I've been doing it for so long."

Source: Press Release