Date: 15th September 2003

Scott working on Gladiator sequel

Ridley Scott says he's expecting to complete a sequel to Gladiator by early 2005.
The new movie will pick up where the first left off, focusing on Lucilla's son, Lucius.

But Scott says he is "shifting the focus considerably" away from gladiatorial action to concentrate on politics.

The cast has yet to be decided, but it is thought that original star Russell Crowe may make a short appearance.

Scott told "It's written. We've already done quite a lot of work and the draft's in now. The target would be early 2005.

It's the next generation. Roman history is so exotic that any part of it is really fascinating. History is far more exotic than anything you can dream up. The film will take the next step, which is the son. Lucilla's son, Lucius.

"I wouldn't touch the gladiatorial side again, we have to go to the next step. There will be more politics and praetorians. The parts that are interesting, which always lead to conflict."

Source: Press Release