Date: 23rd January 2001

Crowe and Spacey In Line For New Disney Movie

Actors RUSSELL CROWE and KEVIN SPACEY are both in the running to play the most dependable guy on earth.

The role is in the new $45 million (30 million) WALT DISNEY comedy drama HONEST ABE. The modern fable follows the fortunes of the small town 'Mr Nice Guy' who suddenly finds himself in conflict with his beliefs when he is elected to run for state Governor.

The story has been snapped up by Disney for a reported $375,000 (250,000) and is in the style of the classic JAMES STEWART movie MR SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON.

Associates of Russell Crowe say he has been on the look-out for a script with a "lighter touch" following his role in GLADIATOR. A source says, "Russell loves the old FRANK CAPRA movies and this is very much in their mould. He feels the time is right career- wise, to play it for laughs." But some high-ranking Disney executives believe double OSCAR- winner Spacey is more suitable for the role. (RGS/WNWCAN/CPT)

Source: WENN



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