Date: 7th February 2003

Courtney Bares All For Spacey

Hours after being arrested for bad behaviour on a plane, Courtney Love yesterday gave her all to help launch the new pet project of actor Kevin Spacey.
The rebellious rocker turned up at a fundraiser at London's venerable Old Vic theatre dressed as Donald Duck, but not for long.

She soon stripped to her undies at the gala event, but stopped short of peeling off those last garments as she did during her boozy flight from Los Angeles.

Love, 38, was appearing at a benefit concert as part of a new fund-raising exercise led by Spacey, who plans to bail the famous venue out of its financial troubles.

Love was led from a Virgin plane when it landed at Heathrow on Tuesday after being accused of abusive behaviour.

Her language was very naughty indeed after some chums travelling economy were not allowed to join her in first for a few drinks.

Love later said: "I have no regrets about what happened." She claimed arresting police jokingly gave her a badge with the word "bitch" on it.

The controversial star was performing a duet with Sir Elton of his hit The Bitch is Back, when she appeared on stage in the Donald Duck outfit.

Despite being temporarily upstaged, the man of the moment was Spacey, who has been appointed the Vic's new artistic director. He has promised to appear on stage and bring in big-name talent in his new role.

The Oscar-winning star will run the new company and make a "significant" time commitment for the job - but will not give up making movies. He will be a vital figure in raising money to keep the troubled 185-year-old theatre open.

Spacey said the theatre was his "primary allegiance" but that he would not abandon the United States.

"I do not underestimate the level of commitment this project is going to require of me," he said.

"It is something that I feel deeply about, have put over two years of thought towards and frankly is something I am utterly overjoyed at having reached a decision upon."

Spacey, who has won Oscars for The Usual Suspects and American Beauty, fell in love with the Old Vic after being taken there during a childhood holiday.

Herald Sun

Source: Press Release