Date: 6th January 2001

Pammy And Marcus Get Frisky

Busty babe PAMELA ANDERSON spends every spare moment she has having wild sex with her Swedish model boyfriend MARCUS SCHENKENBERG.

Pammy, 33, sneaks off to her trailer during breaks from filming her American TV series VIP - to make the trailer shake with the gorgeous hunk.

The former BAYWATCH beauty met $15,000 (10,000)-a-day model Marcus in Monte Carlo last April (00) after her split with husband TOMMY LEE. Within hours the pair retired to a hotel room for two days. She says, "The trailer is shaking so much that people at work are saying, 'Marcus let Pam sleep!' "We became very close very quickly. It was just boom! I want more kids with him."

The pair now live at Pam's Malibu, California home with her two young children. (JXH/WNTSU/RGS)

Source: WENN