Date: 11th June 2001

Tommy Lee Reveals Pammi's Suicide Attempts

PAMELA ANDERSON took an overdose whilst pregnant with her first child by MOTLEY CRUE drummer TOMMY LEE.

The heavy-metal hunk claims the BAYWATCH babe downed half a bottle of aspirin after the couple had a stormy row. He says, "It happened after she had stormed out of the house and spent the night at her flat."

Hours later, the phone rang. "I expected it to be her but it was a doctor, who said Pam had swallowed aspirin and blacked out. She was found unconscious on her bed by a girlfriend. Looking back it was probably less a suicide attempt that a plea for attention. "

Pamela, who later lost the baby, tried to keep her bid to kill herself a secret by telling everyone she had been hospitalised with flu. (KW/WNSPE)

Source: WENN